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Grow Your Brand or Membership

Through Passion-Fueled Travel

Build bonds and cultivate community with your members or customers, swap ideas and deepen shared interests—all by taking your biggest fans on a custom trip!


You’re passionate about the business or organization you’ve helped build. And your best customers or members share that passion.


It’s time to turn that passion into a plan to grow—and inject a big dose of fun into your organization—on a group travel experience tailored to your expertise and your followers’ shared interests. 

Here are four reasons to take your business’s best customers or your organization’s members on an unforgettable group trip:


  1. Build Strong Bonds With Your Best Customers or Members: The key to getting your customers, clients, or club members to keep coming back? Brand loyalty. And there’s no better way to build intense loyalty than through a shared travel experience—where you all laugh, explore, and create lasting memories, together.

  2. Stand Out in Your Industry: Forget flyers and Facebook ads. This is marketing as you’ve never seen it before, highly experiential and intimately engaging. An out-of-the-box travel experience is the best way to make a name for yourself in a crowd of competition. 

  3. Harness Organic Growth: Attract new customers or members organically through powerful word-of-mouth advertising. Every time one of your travelers posts a photo from your trip, they’re also promoting YOUR brand organization!

  4. Travel at a Significantly Reduced Cost: A practically free sailing through the Caribbean or jaunty journey through Europe? Yes, it’s possible! If you market and reserve a certain number of rooms or cruise cabins for your group, resorts and cruises will often throw in an additional room for free—and that one has your name on it.   

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Don’t Go It Alone: Escorted Travel Option


Interested in traveling with your group—but not interested in dealing with the logistics while you travel?

I’m available to escort your group trip! 


As a Certified Tour Director and Guide through the International Tour Management Institute, I am trained to be your on-the-ground support during your group trip, facilitating transfers, check in, and logistical issues. That way, you can focus all your attention on strengthening relationships! We can explore the escorted trip option and associated fee for your travelers on your consultation call.

Is This a Good Fit for You?

Is a shared travel experience right for your organization? Group travel is perfect for passion-fueled outfits like:

•    Wineries, breweries, and distilleries
•    Locally owned restaurants, chefs, and cooking schools
•    Adventure clubs—hiking, fishing, kayaking, scuba diving, etc.
•    Sports clubs—golf, cycling, skiing, running, etc. 
•    Culture, language, and history groups 
•    Orchestra, choir, and performing arts groups
•    Non-profit organizations such as alumni & student organizations, faith-based groups, & fundraising groups
•    … and more!

If your clients, customers, or members unite around a common interest or cause, I’d love to help you explore that shared interest through travel.

Let Me Help You Grow Through Group Travel: 

Free Consultation

From picking the right destination for your group’s needs and negotiating with the travel supplier on your room block, to booking every member of your group, I’m here to guide you through each step of the travel planning process. The process is highly tailored to your business or organization, as I match you with the properties and experiences that best align with your group’s interests.  


I invite you to learn more about my customized process—and whether group travel is right for your business or organization—

on your complimentary consultation call.



FREE Insider’s Comparison Guide:
Pick the Best Travel Experience for Your Group

The MOST important decision you’ll make for your group trip happens long before you book a single flight. Landing on the perfect type of travel for your group will make or break the entire experience. 

So let’s make that decision easy for you! In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • The 6 main types of travel experiences for groups (you probably haven’t thought of #6 yet!)

  • Which trip types offer space for events, meetings, and retreats

  • What travel experience you should pick if your group wants to dive deeper into shared interests 

And more! Get your free guide (and handy at-a-glance comparison chart) below: