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How would I know that Helicobacstop helped me?

After a month of taking Helicobacstop, you should make another breathing test and compare between the results before the reatment, and after - You'll see a major improvement

Will I feel any improvement by using Helicobacstop?

Yes! Helicobacstop reduces the bacteria by 80%. You should fill much better once using Helico-Bacstop.

Can I eat everything while taking Helicobacstop?

In order to get the best results, you should avoid pastries and dough, fried foods, smoked foods, dairy products, white flour bread, and tomatoes during and after treatment

How long does it take to Helicobacstop to start working?

Within a few days of taking the Helicobacstop, you'll feel much better and the symptoms you were feeling prior to using it, will begin to notably dissipate.

How to use Helicobacstop?

You should take 2 Capsules a day, 60 minutes after a meal (One after breakfast, and the other one after dinner).