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7 Ways to Keep Your Belongings Safe While Traveling

So much of planning for a great vacation involves ensuring that you pack everything you could possibly need at your destination. But how should you keep all of those belongings safe throughout your trip? In addition to using intuition and good old-fashioned common sense, keep reading for my top tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of theft while you’re away.

Don’t Overpack

Though you might be tempted to bring anything you could possibly want while on your vacation, do your best to bring only what you need, and don’t pack more than is necessary. This includes limiting the credit cards, electronics, jewelry, and cash you pack.

Use a Safe

Each day, take only what you’ll need to be out and about, and leave all other valuables in your room’s safe (including your passport). If a safe isn’t available in your room, consider a portable safe, a combination lock for your suitcase, or the hotel’s office safe. When using the latter, be sure to get a receipt. And if you’re stuck somewhere without a safe, consider using the Do Not Disturb sign when you’re away from your room.

Blend In

So much of keeping your belongings safe while traveling is avoiding making yourself a target. Consider the setting for the day’s activities, and dress yourself appropriately to avoid unwanted attention.

Spread It Out

To prepare for the unlikely worst-case scenario, try spreading your valuables out among your luggage and on your person. That way, if something goes missing, you still have access to some resources to help get you out of a jam.

Invest in Anti-Theft Products

Products specifically designed for anti-theft purposes can help give you peace of mind. Anti-theft crossbody bags and backpacks are particularly useful for larger items. Look for RFID protection, slash-proof construction, and multiple interior pockets with locks or zippers. For smaller items like money and credit cards, use a concealment bag around your neck, chest, or waist that goes underneath your clothing.

For beach vacations, consider bringing along waterproof phone pouches, locking beach bags, smartly designed water bottle safes, or traditional lock boxes to keep your valuables safe while you’re enjoying the waves.

Keep It On You

When storing things on your person, be intentional about your clothing choices. Slimmer fits, or clothes with hidden pockets or pockets with zipper or button closures are useful for storing cash and credit cards. And when traveling by bus, train or taxi, keep your valuables with you rather than in vehicle storage areas.

Make Copies

Before your departure, scan your passport, insurance, and reservation information, and email copies to yourself. You might also share copies with loved ones back home. That way, if anything is lost or stolen, you can access your most vital information.

While there’s no need to be paranoid on vacation, simply be aware of your surroundings. If something seems out of the ordinary, follow your instincts. And for peace of mind, always have travel insurance to cover travel-related losses (in addition to what your home or auto policy may cover).

If all of this talk of vacation has you eager to plan your next trip, get in touch with me today, so that we can get started! Wherever your travels take you, I’m wishing you and your belongings a safe and secure journey.

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