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Don't Miss the Boat!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

10 Rookie Mistakes You Can Make On A Cruise

#1. Reserving the wrong stateroom or location on the ship.

For a quieter location, it's best to avoid rooms under the nightclub or pool deck, and steer clear of rooms near high-traffic locations on the ship. And don’t even think about going for the “run of the ship” option. It guarantees you a cabin but not a specific type. So you could end up with something great or something terrible nobody else wanted.

#2. Not arriving at your departure port the day BEFORE your cruise.

So much can go wrong with airport delays, interstate traffic, cancelled flights, etc. Isn't it worth the cost of a hotel room to know for sure that you will be boarding that ship on time?

#3. Cruising without travel insurance.

Cruising without travel insurance is like playing with fire. There are a wide range of policies offered that include coverage for medical care (your medical insurance most likely won’t cover you internationally), travel delays and interruptions, and cancellations.

#4. Not making any plans.

Excursions can get booked quickly, as do specialty dining experiences and spa appointments on board the ship. It’s a good idea to plan what you want to do ahead of time to have the experience you want.

#5. Forgetting to turn data roaming off on your cell phone.

Before stepping foot on the ship, you should go to the settings on your phone and make sure that data roaming is turned off. This will keep your cell phone from racking up huge charges and using data even when it is in your pocket. Putting your phone in airplane mode when not using WiFi will also keep you from racking up additional charges.

#6. Eating only at the buffet.

While newer ships have great buffets, the best food on a cruise is almost always in the main dining room or specialty restaurants. By eating only at the buffet, you miss out on the great food and service that you can experience.

#7. Not pacing yourself with alcoholic beverages.

With prepaid beverage packages, tasty tropical drinks,and on-board wine tasting, it's easy to drink your way through the day on a cruise. Drink plenty of water and eat to take breaks from drinking throughout the day and evening.

#8. Getting left behind in a port.

When the captain says that the ship is leaving port at 5:00, he means it. He won't wait for those who lost track of time. If you get left behind in port, you are responsible for your own transportation to the next port or back home. The costs can be several thousand dollars each and will be even more complicated if you are traveling without a passport. My advice? Plan on arriving back near the ship 1 hour before you are scheduled to leave. This not only gives you some time to shop in the port area, but also gives you plenty of leeway if you run into traffic or your taxi or bus has a breakdown on the way back.

#9. Not being appreciative of the ship's staff.

Crew members typically work 7 days a week and are away from their families for 6-9 months at a time. Courtesy and kind words to the crew go a long way. Daily gratuities to the staff are also appreciated because they provide excellent service to make your trip a pleasant one.

#10. Booking early flights on disembarkation day.

Cruise lines recommend not booking flights before noon on disembarkation day. Just because your arrival time says 7:00 a.m., there is almost no chance of catching an 8:30 flight. Lines, delays, customs and weather can complicate your plans. Why end your vacation with a stressful travel day?


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