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Here's How to Collect & Share Your Travel Wish-List!

What's on Your


I am inviting you to try the free and easy Virtuoso Wanderlist®.

Wanderlist is a fun social app where you can create and share your travel wish-lists with family and friends.

And you can also share your wish-list with me, your travel advisor, so that I can keep your dreams in mind for any future travel promotions.

Now, while at home, inspiration and dreams can provide a welcome escape. I hope you enjoy exploring destination ideas for future travel.

Click on WANDERLIST at the end of this blog

for the link to the Wanderlist app.

Here is what you can expect from Wanderlist!

DREAM Travel provides the joy of dreaming, the excitement

of the experience, and a lifetime of memories.

There is a world of possibilities right at your

fingertips. Here’s your chance to tap into it to

capture and save your travel dreams.

EXPLORE Roam the world using the interactive map to

find places and experiences that intrigue,

inspire, and interest you.

COLLECT Make it yours. Select and save ideas you

discover to your very own travel wish list.

You can create lists for any trip you are dreaming

of. Whether it’s a certain season of the year you plan to travel, the people you want to go with, or a special milestone celebration, organize your lists for a future of exciting trips.

SHARE Invite family, friends, and your travel advisor to share in the fun. Everybody can contribute

ideas - dreaming is even more fun when you do it together! Your wish lists are secure and only seen by those you choose.

PLAN Work with me as your travel advisor to plan your next epic adventure. I will keep your dreams

in mind until you are ready to go.

Click here to start your travel wish-lists!


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