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Six Tips for Genealogy Trips

Updated: Jan 31

Travel to where your story began...

I have a longing to see where my ancestors lived, walked, worked and loved. Genealogy trips provide a sense of adventure and are life changing.  Top countries for this travel are those that have had large numbers of immigrants to other countries in the past such as Italy, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, France, Canada, England, Spain and The Netherlands. Read on for tips to make the most of the travel to where you are from.

1. Take a DNA test. A number of popular services, such as Ancestry.com and 23andMe, have cropped up to analyze a DNA sample for clues to your ethnic history. If you aren't sure of the specifics of your heritage, then it’s a great thing. 2. Rely on an advisor’s extensive contacts. Although most genealogy records can be found online, there are potential gaps, particularly in small towns. In times when Internet searches haven’t sufficed, some looked in parish registers and played with common misspellings or anglicized names to locate records. As a travel advisor, I would use my on-site travel partner connections to help clients meet their relatives. As an advisor, I also have the advantage to access in-depth knowledge of a territory from my on-site travel partners. For example, I can provide those on a Scotland journey information on specific kilt makers, family-surname castles – even single-malt-whisky tastings of spirits indigenous to certain areas and families.

3. Work a genealogy trip into your family vacation. 

Roots research doesn’t have to dominate an itinerary, but it can enrich a journey.  For example, my Virtuoso’s on-site tour connections can incorporate ancestral excursions into cruises. It gives travelers an added purpose if the port is near an ancestral town so that there is an opportunity to customize a day of exploration.

4. Go on a heritage trip.  You don’t need an extensively detailed family tree to explore your roots. I can work with my Virtuoso partners to help adoptees discover the culture of their homelands. You can travel to your ancestral country to share the sights, food and culture with your children or grandchildren. Many people with when they visit their roots come back from a trip with a stronger appreciation for who they are.

5. Consider your family’s domestic past.

When we think about exploring our history, most people think ‘international,’ but there’s also an interesting story in your relative’s arrival in the United States. For instance, I can work with U.S. on-site connections to help trace your family with a genealogist at NYC’s Ellis Island. 

6. Explore your faith heritage.

Faith-focused trips are on the rise, as travelers seek to understand their religious heritage and how it shapes their lives. One example is a trip to experience the Oberammergau Passion Play, Germany’s once-in-a-decade performance that focuses on the final days of Jesus.  Some river cruise lines offer Jewish heritage sailings in Europe. As a Virtuoso advisor, I can also help Buddhists trace their religious roots through Asia or help craft Arabian and North African journeys that focus on the Islamic faith.

-Adapted from Virtuoso Arts and Culture 2019

Let me help you connect with your past to find out where your story began.  Contact me to plan your genealogy journey today!

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