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You’ve heard the old quote…"There is strength in numbers”. Well, there is also a much fun in numbers, especially when you travel with like-minded and fun-seeking people. Unless you are planning a honeymoon, anniversary trip, or simply a romantic getaway for two, you might want to consider asking a few others to join you on your next trip.

Here are several reasons why it can really enhance your experience:

1. When a work-related group, such as an accounting or financial firm, gets away from the stresses of the office at the end of tax season or a critical quarter, they get the chance to blow off some steam and make fantastic memories together. That can lead to happiness in the workplace, and even improve the long-term employee retention numbers in the firm. The company that plays together…stays together!

2. Extended families often live miles apart and the average family with children usually has such an incredibly busy schedule that it is often impossible to enjoy each other. It is becoming more and more common for a member of the family – usually a grandparent – to spearhead (and sometimes subsidize) a multi-generational family group to get away together. Many would rather enjoy the vacation and experience of having all of the children together now than leave them the money later. Cruising is  a very popular extended-family getaway because there are so many o-board activities that appeal to all different age groups. It’s a very relaxed and fun atmosphere that allows all ages to have fun and spend time with each other.

3. It’s also becoming more popular for groups of friends to get away together. Especially friends who have kids the same ages! How much fun would it be to have the kids all playing together at the beach or pool while the adults enjoy each other's company.  Cruise lines and some resorts have children's programs so that grownups can go out for a rare childless dinner. When families travel together there are built-in playmates for both the youngsters and the adults alike!  When I have a family book a spring break getaway or summer vacation, I usually ask them “are there any friends or family members that you think might enjoy joining you on this trip?” Most of the time, they end up sharing the info and thanking me for thinking of the idea…Hey, that’s what I do!

So, have I inspired YOU to get a small group together for your next adventure? It could end up being your favorite vacation EVER! Why not get away with some friends and family and make some amazing memories at the same time? It’s a true “Win-Win” for everyone!


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