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Tips to Survive a Wine Tasting Getaway

Before we know it, it will be autumn and vineyards will be in the full swing of harvest season. Consider a road trip to enjoy a wine trail this fall. Experiencing wineries is a favorite getaway for my husband and me.  We enjoy trying new wines, learning the story of the winery, meeting the winemaker and walking through the vineyards. Wineries have been operating with new Covid cleaning and operating standards and have scenic outdoor spaces for favorable social distancing. To enjoy a wine tasting getaway, keep in mind the following tips in order to keep you feeling your best throughout the day.

1. Start the day rested and with a good breakfast. 

Going to bed and waking up on a regular schedule can make all the difference to not feeling sluggish during the day.  It is best to focus on a protein-based breakfast for sustained energy. A solid breakfast will help prevent immediate tipsiness because wine does get in your system no matter how much you think you only will have a few sips, and it will also prevent mid-morning munchies.

2. Have a designated driver.

I think everyone would agree that you should have a designated driver. It may be expensive to hire a driver but the consequences to you and others is much more so. And there’s no way to ruin the fun of wine tasting more quickly than to get pulled over by an officer. Arrange for a driver and have a safe time!

3. Drink lots of water.

You know how important it is to hydrate, but it’s even more important for your wine tasting. Your body may be dehydrated and all that wine certainly won’t help. Invest in a reusable water bottle and make sure to fill it up several times throughout the day. It will also help stave off afternoon sleepiness

4. Sip and Toss!  

I know – what fun is that?  Everyone knows all too well how those wee samples can sneak up on you. There may be some wines that you are sampling where you can pass on drinking more than a sip.  It is perfectly acceptable to dump it out into the wine bucket. You may feel wasteful but you’ll get the most out of your visit because you’ll be able to actually taste the wine instead of just drinking all of it. Take your time and really savor each sip. Let it linger in your mouth and swish it around to get every nuance that you can. Then, toss the rest.

5. Limit the number of wineries in a day. 

Try to limit winery visits to a maximum of three. You may feel compelled to cram as many wineries in as you can because you may want to see all that you can. Prioritize which are must-sees, and stick to those, and from there, prioritize which wines are most important at each stop. You’ll experience palate-fatigue so tasting more won’t do the wines justice anyway.

If you want to experience a wine vacation on a road trip this fall, now is the time to plan.  I will be happy to work with you to arrange your wonderful winery escape.

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