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Why the Ahhh is in Bermuda

Beyond Beautiful Bermuda

Living in the eastern half of the United States provides a great opportunity to experience turquoise watersthat shimmer and powder-soft sand with a British flair that is onlytwo hours from New York City. Bermuda is an island that is famous for itspink sand beaches, which get their color from one of the sand's main components, pulverized coral and shells. It's the perfect destination for a long weekend with sunshine-filled days not far from your home base. 

Although you can't travel to Bermuda right now, I thought that you would appreciate seeing and learning about the beauty of this island. You can always dream of the day when you can put your toes in the pink sand.

Where To Stay

One of my favorite accommodations to recommend is the Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa. It is not a multi-story, bustling hotel complex but rather a collection of romantic, pink cottages set on a private 30-acre peninsula on the west end of the island with water views everywhere.There are two waterside restaurants, adults mainly (minimum age is 13), three beyond gorgeous beaches, spa, putting green and infinity pool. Located on the south-western area of the island, it’s away from the crowds and ideal for relaxing and recharging.

Something For Everyone

Bermuda is breathtaking and has something for everyone – resorts, restaurants, and activities galore. Jobson’s Cove is magical and a mandatory stop for beach lovers. For the history buffs, the town of St. George is the former capital of Bermuda and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has been meticulously preserved with quaint, narrow streets and alleyways. The National Museum of Bermuda in the Dockyard area will exceed your expectations. You will love learning about Bermuda’s 500-year history and hundreds of shipwrecks. For water sport enthusiasts, every activity imaginable is at your doorstep. Snorkeling, sailing, fishing, parasailing, stand up Paddle Boarding – you name it. Golfers have plenty of choices but you must include a round at the incredible Port Royal Golf Course. The signature hole is the scenic 16th situated precariously on a craggy cliff that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Cambridge has a relationship with the course due to its proximity so you can receive a discount on the round! Foodies will relish in an abundance of fabulous restaurants all over the island! You will be in full relaxation mode and enjoy numerous delicious meals at Tamarisk right at the Cambridge Beaches Resort. Night life seekers, head to Hamilton’s Front Street, where nightclubs, bars and restaurants offer all kinds of after-hours fun. For romantics, you are treated to a table in the sand with your own Tiki torch during sunset at Breezes, also at Cambridge. For sunset lovers, Cambridge Beaches is known for having the most spectacular sunset views in all of Bermuda.

Getting Around the Island

Getting around is a different experience – you can’t rent a car on Bermuda. However, you can take the buses and ferries, call a taxi, rent a scooter or bike or the most fun way is to use a Twizy for a day! A Twizy is a mini electric vehicle for two people that drives like a car and is safer to drive than a scooter. Take your eco-friendly Twizy along South Road making stops at the beaches, Elbow Beach Resort, Bermuda’s Botanical Gardens, Spittal Pond Wildlife Reserve and ending at the famous Swizzle Inn whose motto is Swizzle Inn and Swagger Out.

At the Swizzle Inn, you can treat yourself to Bermuda’s two famous cocktails: The Rum Swizzle and Dark ‘n Stormy. Both the Rum Swizzle and The Dark 'n' Stormy has been designated as the national drink of Bermuda.

The Dark 'n' Stormy allegedly got its name from an old sailor who compared the drink's murky hue to the color of storm clouds. It's an unproven legend, but the drink's connection to the joys and dangers of seafaring is well-established.

The origin of the Rum Swizzle dates back to 1932, when the Outerbridge family, a prominent local family with roots on the island going as far back as the 1600s, opened the Swizzle Inn in Bailey’s Bay and put their own twist on the drink using whatever was available at the time. In the 1930s, the inventory of what was available on the island was pretty limited, so they used what they could, which was orange and pineapple juices, some lemon juice and falernum [a syrupy liqueur that contains ginger, lime, almond and spices]. They created the cocktail in a pitcher using the swizzle stick, which is cut from the swizzle stick tree, Quararibea turbinata, which would agitate the drink and make it foamy. And that’s how the swizzle in Bermuda was created.

Dark 'n' Stormy

The Dark 'n' Stormy Recipe

There are some variations to this cocktail but to be truly considered a Dark 'n Stormy, it must be made with Black Seal rum made by Gosling's, which has trademarked the cocktail's name.

2 ounces Gosling's Black Seal rum

4-5 ounces ginger beer


Fill a Collins glass with cubed ice, add rum and ginger beer, stir and garnish with a lime wedge.



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