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Why You Should Work & Learn in a Home-Away-From-Home

We’ve all been spending too much time at home lately, mostly remote working and schooling. You may be cramped up in a tiny apartment, or logging in from a child’s bedroom, or experiencing an achy back from computing on the couch or at kitchen table. If you’re craving a chance of scenery or a chance to get away from the daily distractions your children, pets, and partners present, or if you simply want to mix-up your home routine, a workcation or schoolcation may be in your future. 

What are workcations and schoolcations? They’re a new trend in travel, a chance to take your home routine to a resort or hotel, to combine remote working and schooling with playtime. After all, the silver lining of the pandemic is the flexibility to work and learn anywhere. These trips can be short (a single workday) or long (two weeks or more). They can happen at the hotel around the corner in your city, at a resort on a tropical beach, or outside of a major theme park. 

To adapt to the new pandemic travel environment, hotels and resorts worldwide are offering special packages and amenities aimed at attracting workcation and schoolcation travelers.

Keep reading for more information on why you should consider working and learning in a home-away-from-home.

Special Workcation and Schoolcation Amenities

Workcation Day Trip

For the workcation day trip, you might choose a local hotel that provides a quiet, relaxing atmosphere away from the everyday distractions at home. Many hotels are now offering special day rates, including use of a room with an office desk, high-speed internet, a minifridge and coffee maker, and a private bathroom, as well as extra amenities like parking and a happy hour cocktail. If you’d like to make your workcation routine more regular than a day trip here and there, hotels are also offering special weekly and monthly rates, having set aside several rooms for exclusive use as office space. At some, you may even request to have the room’s bed removed to avoid the temptation of nap. On the flipside, you could also add a night’s stay to your day trip for a small additional charge.

Workcation or Schoolcation Extended Trip

For an extended workcation or schoolcation, which importantly reduces your COVID-19 footprint and risk due to the longer duration of your stay, consider a resort in locales as wide ranging as Mexico, Disney World, and Austin, Texas. Special packages at these resorts often include extra work-from-home and remote schooling amenities. Busy workcation adults will appreciate fully equipped offices, premium internet and WiFi, unlimited printing, and onsite IT support, as well as the ability to work in outdoor poolside cabanas and to take advantage of the services of a business butler. Diligent schoolcation students (and their parents) will enjoy quiet student learning spaces, supervised homework sessions, and private tutoring, organized by home school coordinators. After school lets out, students can participate in socially-distanced after-school activities, including sports, arts and crafts, language lessons, and other extracurriculars. 

Luckily, extended workcations or schoolcations allow parents to take a break from household chores like cleaning, cooking, and laundry, with resort packages often including maid and laundry service, as well as family-style meals with customized menus for any special dietary needs. And adults can continue their home fitness routines on site with resort fitness centers, personal trainers, and plenty of outdoor activities including tennis, golf, swimming, and yoga. To make memories with your family or partner on the weekend, take your time exploring nearby beaches, theme parks, or towns, or contact the resort concierge to schedule a private cooking class or adventure experience.

Wherever your workcation or schoolcation takes you, I’m here to help you.

Remember that you can also book your resort or hotel stay at this link to take advantage of my special Virtuoso network amenities or contact me directly to arrange your much-needed escape.

Let’s find you the perfect place to work or learn in your home-away-from-home today!

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