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Meet Lucy Cichon

Founder of Vivo Travel Design

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You could say that bringing people together is in my blood—quite literally!


I grew up in a large, spirited Italian-American family, with nine siblings and a revolving door of visitors—you can bet we took that famous Italian hospitality very seriously.


And when I had a family of my own (a blended family with five children, all now grown—thankfully!), nothing brought me more joy than making time for “family time.” Cooking, eating, and—yes!—traveling together brought us all closer, and created space for my family to make the kinds of memories that still reduce us all to smiles and laughter even decades later.


That spirit of connection is the driving force behind Vivo Travel. I founded my travel agency with the goal of making every one of my clients feel like family. Every client relationship is built on trust, integrity, and a deep commitment to doing things the right way—because that’s how I treat “family.” 


As your travel advisor, I can promise you this: That I’ll use my network of exclusive travel contacts to craft authentic, immersive experiences for you and your travel companions. 


That, through the power of travel, I’ll help you forge new relationships—or strengthen existing ones. 


And that—while I plan trips all over the world—I’ll always make sure your Vivo itinerary has a touch of Italian “soul”: Good food, great conversation, and a warm, wholehearted welcome for every traveler.  


If you’re looking for a custom journey I’d love to connect for a chat


Because no matter where you go, it’s better to go together. 


Welcome to the Vivo family—where to next?

Learn More About Lucy


  • I’m a Certified Tour Director and Guide through the International Tour Management Institute

  • A total wine enthusiast, I’ve earned my Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Certificate Level I & II

  • Before founding Vivo Travel, I owned and operated two senior care franchises

  • My favorite travel memory? Learning to cook from an Italian chef in Tuscany!

  • I’m a native Pittsburgher and love leading food tours through my city

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A Seamless Bond-Building Journey, From Start to Finish

Sure, you COULD book your trip all by yourself … 


… spending late nights hitting “refresh” on that online booking engine, fielding non-stop texts and calls from your confused fellow travelers, wondering if the online reviews you read really tell the truth about a property …


Or—you can hand it all over to me, a group travel expert dedicated to getting your group the most value, most inclusions, and most fun you’ve ever had traveling.


When you work with Vivo Travel Design I will: 


  • Take the research and planning off your plate, freeing up your time and ensuring you get a well-thought-out itinerary

  • Unlock access to industry-only suppliers—many incredible tour and travel companies only sell to travel agents … I pass that access on to you

  • Get more for your money—I’m often able to snag my clients added perks, amenities, and upgrades, thanks to my supplier connections!

  • Advocate for you if things go wrong. Cancelled day tour? Your room not up to snuff?  Get in touch with me, and I’ll help make things right!


“So, How Much Does It Cost?”

Good question! :) Here are Vivo’s Professional Fees:


Planning Fee:

$250 per Domestic or International Trip or Cruise with Pre/Post Stays


$150 per Resort Stay or Cruise Only or Weekend Getaway

My planning fee is for my service - to learn your preferences and needs, to research & evaluate your options, to draft and adjust a custom-crafted itinerary, and to make personalized recommendations for your vacation.  You also have access to me to advocate for you before, during and after your trip.
Note: You only pay this fee after our complimentary consultation call together. 


Air Booking Fee:

$100/international ticket

$50/domestic ticket 

Cancelling, Rescheduling or Changing Any Trip Component Fee: $200

Group Escorting Fee: Varies 

Don’t want to worry about any logistics while your group travels? I can take care of it all by escorting your group to manage your itinerary at your trip destination—cost varies by the size of your group.

Aside from the above, you do NOT pay more for working with me than you would booking on your own.  In fact, I’m often able to uncover the best-value pricing for my clients.  For groups, I will negotiate on your behalf to secure a group rate. 

The Signature Vivo Planning Process

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— 1 —


After initially contacting with me, I will email you a get-to-know-you questionnaire to help me prepare for our complimentary consultation call.

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— 2 —


We’ll first meet on your complimentary consultation phone call or Zoom call.  I’ll gather more information about the type of journey you’re yearning for and answer all your questions.

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— 3 —


Once you take care of my Professional Fee, I’ll begin pulling together your custom proposal. You’ll receive an itinerary from me, and then we’ll refine it together until it’s absolutely perfect before you place a deposit on your trip.

Image by Giuseppe Famiani

— 3 —


Next, I’ll take care of getting everyone in your group squared away. My booking services include:


  • Airline tickets (booking fee applies)

  • Accommodations

  • Cruise cabins

  • Ground transportation/car rentals

  • Excursions and tours

  • Special group event space

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— 4 —


Next, I’ll take care of all your booking arrangements—if you’re traveling with a group, that means getting everyone in your group squared away. My booking services include:


  • Airline Tickets (booking fee applies)

  • Accommodations

  • Cruise Cabins

  • Ground Transportation/Car Rentals

  • Rail Journeys

  • Excursions and Tours

  • Travel Insurance

  • Exclusive Group Event Space

  • Any Other Special Request

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— 5 —


I’ll arm you with all the information, itinerary and printed travel documents you need to make a smooth escape. And if something comes up, I’m simply a phone call or email away (you can also reach me on WhatsApp!).


Traveling with a group of people and want even more support while you travel? Ask me about escorting your group!

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— 6 —


I’ll welcome you back and contact you to learn all about your trip—and ensure it exceeded your expectations!

Right This Way to Your Next Effortless Getaway

Ready to escape together—without the stress?

Let’s connect on a complimentary consultation call!

It’s the first step to your next bond-building getaway:

“Lucy treats you like you are her family because she looks out for your best interests. She is your travel advocate who is knowledgeable with her recommendations and compassionate to your needs and concerns.”

Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty!

– Michele